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(male announer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> good morning and this monday october 1st we begin this morning with news about half moon bay or rescue efforts are underway this morning. hours this morning out of half moon bay we have a map to show you the area we're talking about. two fishermen fell off their votes and chopper was in the air using night-vision technology to to search for those missing man. started to say a total of four were flown in the water when she bowed capsize. two of four people manage to swim to safety. >> with the coast guard choppers hovering above family members download joined in on the search for two missing men lost at sea. >> the boat the men were on
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capsized and then washed up on a remote beach about 20 mi. south of half moon bay. >> minor this and so sad. i want my husband to come back. >> coast guard said the boats were flipped of around 1130 sunday morning all four men were thrown into the water to a man apparently had lifejackets and swam to shore. authorities say thank and the other missing man did not have life jackets. >> we still have hope that he is alive. we just hope the coast guard's to continue to search. >> the coast guard kept a chopper up all night. they also had a boat n jet ski searching for the missing
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fishermen. >> the family said the four men got on the boat and left the san francisco area around 6:00 sunday morning. the coast guard says the boat capsized near the pigeon point lighthouse. family members say their beloved hobby has turned into a nightmare. in san mateo county kron 4 news. >> want to newgate's have been installed at the said mattel school where a nine year-old girl was almost kidnapped. more changes will come to that school to help ensure students' safety. the girl was able to kick her way free from a man who attempt to carry her off campus. ming all compete police are investigating an early morning car fire happened shortly after o'clock in oakland near jack london square. rescues crews
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were called the fire was put out shortly the fire department is investigating if that was arson there are no reports of injuries. >> at the 1000 block of seventh street in west oakland there was a shooting a bullet hit a moment and grace a man both victims have been reported to be in stable condition conditions no suspects have been arrested. >> let's see how high this point again today. >> good morning to you james today it expects to be the hottest day of the week and when i say hi i say several could just climb into the triple digits. we have some weather on the way we are looking their conditions from our mount tam cam this morning. cloud cover or fall to speak of temperatures
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range in 56 days of racing 77 antioch as we get into the afternoon we will continue with that sunshine we are in the middle of a heat spell. we are in the midst of record-breaking territory. as we head into the evening hours and will be pretty well on out with temperatures back into the '70s and '80s. here's a look at the numbers right now. 61 in livermore 59 linking up in oakland as we check out futurecast for you can see by lunchtime of that on is on the screen in ticket indicates the '80s. that red indicates 90 are ready for the livermore valley and as we push the clock into your afternoon highs check out of that red that starts to phillip on your screen indicating ninth degree readings. so is it will be a scorcher if you want to leave you will probably want to get to the beaches. we
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will see sunshine and '70s for even are coolest bay area locations. checkout mount view led 90 degrees 89 on tap for sunnyvale 92 in san jose. we are talking triple digit readings 100 and fairfield 102 and then bill. livermore climb to 101. plenty of sunshine and the north bay 92 to 95 for napa. mid-70s or ocean beach 87 expected in oakland. fit >> we will continue as unseasonably warm conditions test tomorrow. it will start to cool down to integers in the upper 80s fleer warmest inland areas. check out thursday friday in fact are warm spots will only be in
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the '70s. quite the difference for what we are experiencing today and tomorrow. overawed mild and pleasant conditions as we transition into the weekend. that hot weather coming up in just a bit over to the traffic center i don't have any hot spots to keep you updated to. no issues to contend with traffic moving well from all of the approaches. over at the san mateo bid bridge west and east down traffic doing well at this hour that tribe is 13 minutes from into ind. at the golden gate bridge southbound 101 no delays to speak of. top speeds coming from the 10137 interchange. james >> are right air combat some more headlines belmont police a shooting injured one person and cause a crash
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on southbound 101 in said carlos yester day. right now police say they don't have much information about the suspect or what may have caused that shooting. >> we have a charger with multiple bullet holes and injured occupants we don't know much about the situation at this time. we only know that gunfire was directed at the charger. we are still trying to piece it all together before the shooting occurred at the roasted avenue exit at belmont. all three of the car's occupants were taken to the hospital and will be treated for injuries sustained in the shooting as a result of the crash. >> still ahead newf facebook changes. what the new changes will allow any facebook user to do. >>
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>> back to some tech news.
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facebook has launched a new service. which allows you to send your friends gives we're not talking about virtual gift but real physical gifts. facebook is feeling pressure from new investors to find ways to make more money. time for the top kron 4 tech report with gabe slate . >> the service is now live for shopping on facebook. i have not used this myself i only have video of pitches from facebook to show you. but here it workhouse it works. when you visit a friend for facebook page or tie line 4 was the gift icon to send them a gift soon there would be thousands of gift choices so far there things like teddy bears,
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flowers, give certificates, t-shirts, cupcakes in stocks. >> then yoto have to use in the gift befriended notified in he are sheep will get to preview its an intern address it for shipment of said give. the feature even gives friend's the option of exchanging gifts for something else. we do not know how much facebook will make off each sale but they are doing some sort of sliding scale. >> gabe slate kron 4 news. >> ahead on the kron for morning news however people beating the. people are outside enjoying a but pitchers talk with a closer look at that will be right back at with a closer look at what with erica. >>
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>> and rebecca was a hot there brown the bay area you can see a lot of folks were outside. >> it's summer time indian summer has arrived and is being celebrated with the san francisco twist in the center of the city. barbeques and berbers and dogs cold beers are guzzled while kids slide down the slide in the playground. >> days like this are reasons why people-that's this is a beautiful day >> godsowe are drinking and
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mingling with our other friends here at the park. >> across the street in line for ice cream at the buy right creamery wraps around the block. >> out of his work a 35 minute wait. >> kids use the drinking fountain to cool off while big kids calling themselves the squirt gun mafia have a water balloon and water gun war on the grass. >> it's a great day to get soaked. >> but while the top for san franciscans some ladies are drinking pink champagne in the shade. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> it looks like today will
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be a another triple digit whether day for people out in the east. the third in the row so far. >> the cost in use public transportation for ryder by we are asking that you--this year has seen more spare their days than last year and it will be pretty tough the this afternoon once again. >> from the morning to ensure absolutely right about that more hot conditions on the way this is expected to be the warmest day of the week. tickets in the triple digits no-fault car clouts today. as of right now temperatures are running between two and eight degrees warmer than 24 hours ago.
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>> 63 right now in san carlos but these of the mild numbers inland valleys along the delta we are already seeing some low occasions in the '70s. once the sun comes up we will start to see the heating by lunchtime perfect time to be outdoors all that orange widespread on your screen does indicate a wide range of '80s. we do have some pockets of the '90s indicated by the red on your screen probably through the livermore valley down in moscow up into our no. 8 spot as well. as we pushed cockatoo afternoon highs by 3:00 p.m. take a look at all that red stars to dominate your screen indicating where you see those '90s. as a break down your afternoon highs will see no relief anywhere. or talking nine is in the south bay with 92 and
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said clara 94 expected in campbell plenty of sunshine mid-90s over an evergreen 90 on tap for fremont. east bay valleys for talking triple digits for fairfield, danville. 90 degrees expected in walnut creek 992 in san leandro upper 80s for berkeley and for oakland 95 on tap for napa checkout downtown san francisco where talking upper 80s into the afternoon if you do want that relief you will probably head to ocean beach will we are anticipating mid-70s. now you're heading to the a's game tonight is the perfect evening to be outdoors start the game off with sunny skies of course it will get darker to the course of the game. temperatures will be in the low 80s as we do have a pretty warm evening on tap not much in the way of offshore lands in fact the lens we do see will be coming from the south at 7 mi. an hour. as you walk to
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the weather gets clear conditions everywhere right now we will see continued warming into to borrow but then it looks like wednesday we really start to turn a corner you will see that yourself and your 7 day around the bay forecast temperatures will drop the to the upper 80s. then it looks like we will continue with a gradual cooling down friday expected to be the coolest day of the week mile to more seasonable weather as we transition into the weekend. low 80s fleer in the areas upper 70's for the bay and low sixties for the coast. morning forecast in just a bit of taking you of the to the traffic center not looking at in the hot spots a pretty quiet ride around the bay area. you are good to go as you approach the bay bridge toll plaza were not seeing any thought whatsoever traffic pretty light at the toll plaza. san mateo bridge ride that tried just 12 to 13 minutes and
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over at the golden gate bridge south down 101 we are seeing lots of space between cause no problem on deck itself and as we take over to traffic maps the conditions for the east shore freeway westbound 24. we have not seen any delays between the altamonte pass approaching downtown livermore and closer to the 5886 interchange. >> more headlines the mosconi convention center and also spilling out onto the streets the convention has said done a section of how we treat the company is expected to have about 50,000 attendees of a pretty large crowd. larry ellison ceo is expected to speak. the convention will last until thursday noticeable cause some traffic issues in the city. >> the third annual poll, street blues festival was a
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big success over the weekend. a market place for local merchants was also there for arts and crafts food booths, a pretty large large family gathering area. it happens to be the only free blues of dent in san francisco. and speaking of music kron force of stanley roberts had the honor of being the master of ceremonies. residents came out to see steadily. the festival was a benefit for the arts council community program. >> no updates on the wild flowerfires we are following. fr firefighters have been injured and a shed has been destroyed. several homes in northwest of the fire and no
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evacuation orders were issued. >> and make sure to bring your own plastic bag on your shopping trip in san francisco or it may cost you money. the plastic bag of bread goes into effect today if you do not have your own back stores will charge you 105 per bag. tolbert the benelux benchrest lines as well businesses will get to keep the proceeds from the bags they sell. hoping this will allow san francisco to reach the goal 2012 by 2020. >>
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>> the search is still on for to tennessee children missing after their house has burned down last week.
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the remains of the children's grandparents were only found. the children may still be alive and in potential danger the parents are working with police in this situation the kids were seen three hours before the fire. >> ipolice say shot broke out before the start of a charity ride from that post there had reports of in a row on army and then fired at that location there was an argument in the parking lot before those shots rang out no charges have been filed. general motors has issued a recall for 40,000 cars and issue a visa for a faulty fuel pump. 2007 through 2009 chevy cobalt as well as a 2007 chevy equinoxes gm said the fuel
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pumps in these vehicles could crack and cause the potential dangers fuel leak. on a ticket for a replacement by contacting a gm dealer. and a new report shows that amtrak is guilty of overlooking drug and out of use by its employees. the report says amtrak employees failed the test had a 51% higher rate than average. drug and alcohol use by amtrak employees--the majority of employes fell that tests were tested positive for marijuana and cocaine use. a new campaign for the fda decision could be getting fake or even expired medicine if you are buying it all on-line. the agency says it is pretty risky less than 3 percent of online pharmacies meet state and federal laws and mourning in case you decide to buy your medication on line. if the price is too good to be true if probably
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is. we will take a break is 4: 20 we have--in this light heading to san francisco this early hour to be right back. sh-
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a " sense today is going to be the hottest day of the week it got yesterday was i will add a couple of degrees extra. as we head into
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tomorrow we will experience more of the sea breeze with that we will shave off a couple of degrees and in looking ahead we will continue with a cool down. we will be introduced that fall into the forecast i see sunshine into the afternoon will have more details coming up in just a bit. right outside the door mid- 60's in daly city 56 in napa 67 of an antioch pretty mild to warm starts in the morning in fact tinctures are between two and eight degrees warmer compared to where there were 24 hours ago. we do not have any clout to the forecasts we will see the sun shine right off the bat. check out your afternoon highs in fact fairfield at 100 degrees 101 in livermore, low eighties
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for richmond, 86 for downtown san francisco 84 in redwood city. you probably wanted to the beaches if you have the day off or maybe the day to play hooky. here's a look at sure beats forecasts low eighties for santa cruz 75 expected and some moderate and up the coastline were talking 66 ocean beach in san francisco will climb to mid-70s it will leave a warm deck at the beach was it planted sunshine. some pretty long conditions. a look a voucher extended forecasts a 7 day around the bay we will continue with unseasonably warm conditions as we head into tomorrow and in this is a look at tomorrow's forecast by 12:00 p.m. or talking low nineties for livermore upgrade is in fairfield 78 expected in san rafeal. still flirting with the triple digits to mar 4
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livermore fairfield low 80s in san mateo. we will continue cooler conditions wednesday that to return the corner was the high clouds into the afternoon and then a lot cooler in fact we lose over 10 degrees and a forecast as we transition into the weekend throws a sunny skies the true love is in the areas will only be in the '80s has returned our attention to traffic is still pretty quiet out there no problems. he will see a small way in some of those gas lines but other than that no metering lights to deal with and looks like top speeds up the incline and across the upper deck. the san mateo bridge were good to go in both directions no problems the nimitz freeway and live look at the golden gate bridge southbound 1014 quiet start a good start to the morning new issues with visibility in its smooth sailing your definitely cruising approaching the seven school toll plaza james pritchett
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>> erica thank you the man and a woman have been injured in a drive-by shooting that happened late last night in the want 1000 block of seven st. a passing vehicle shot the victims. bullets hit the woman in gray is the man both the been taken to the hospital and report to be in stable conditionhave been arrested. >> miwok to new gates have been installed at the same tell school where a girl was almost kidnapped. after a girl was groped by men and the rest run carried off campus the gulf away free and ran back-to-school the suspect is in police custody in allow both presidential candidates are gearing up for wins this big night the first presidential debate gates president obama and mitt romney are finishing up some final campaigning and the big corporation will be taking over their schedules for the next couple of days and to the face of in denver.
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>> the clock is ticking down to wednesday's presidential debate with press didn't obama and mid kron going head-to-head. >> i think both are excellent in their own way we could argue that lead has had a lot more recent experience obviously but also part of it depends on flaw is moderating believes he's been to these 20 debates in the course of the primaries in new cranking rich and self to said he is the best debater. the republicans said they think he is a terrific the better. mitt romney is preparing for the debates and carry play the role of standing for president obama in during the mock debate. i think people should expect romney
4:35 am
is going to come in their prepared he is going to do very well because he has done very well in all of the debates. >> i think sometimes we expect major breakthroughs but that doesn't happen very often happen with reagan and mondale with reagan and carter, but frankly i cannot remember the last time there was one of these comments that grabbed everyone's attention the candidates are well prepared and well scripted. >> on sunday president obama headed to las vegas for a campaign event. chris in a much lower for kron 4 news >>. a poll shows president obama has a 4 point lead over canada mitt romney. president obama, 44.6 percent of those voters say they favor wrongly so it is
4:36 am
a pretty tight race. fifth frost in tune in on wednesday we will be airing the debate in its entirety or you can check out our comcast channel 193. >> the state's republican party hired a trustee to consultant to hit the streets. a firm is under investigation for producing questionable voter registration forms. >> in the supreme court of the nine states begins there new terms today injustice face a potentially vast as a range of the explosive issues are anticipated to come before the court. same-
4:37 am
sex marriage, voting rights, and. the last term ended with the sole cause about care health care law. for >> in fact governor jerry brown announced that he will sign a bill that prevents children from being psychologically abused. gay- rights st. groups say the practice is dangerous it to promote depression and suicide among youth. it prevents children from pepin their gender confused children the bill will take pleasanton refers. >> will allow the governor be killed the multiple parents bill that would lead judges declared that parents have more thadance to legal
4:38 am
parents. supporters say it could keep children out of foster care by giving them additional legal plans that have caretaking in financial obligations. >> some illegal immigrants should k--it would cut the deal in the issue licenses to illegal immigrants who have work permits. still ahead at 4: 38 kron 4 news a big mistake and california theme park 1 teenagers in the hospital will explain what happened coming up.
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>> a 19 year reportedly cut
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in line at a theme park it to go ahead first. halfway down the ride the teen fell off and was taken to the hospital it was unclear how the teen fell from a 75 ft. slide tower his cause is that reading on is on. to in the house of the nation's busiest highway reopened one hour ahead of schedule early sunday night or should as a late sunday night. is a live look at that in mile stretch of the 4 05 deaths) the weekend. this time around cruise demolished part of a bridge to make room for a nother carpool lane one of the longest in the country. >> 8.45 caliber gun that was once owned by butch cassidy was sold at an auction in southern california for $175,000. the army report
4:42 am
fault for but to an anonymous on offline bitter it was accompanied by a leather shoulder holster and two binders. cassidy bought the ball in a hard restore in utah back in 1896. the most prized possession of bonnie and clyde were sold off in new hampshire to guns that once belonged to the notorious bandits were sold and brought in $500,000 bonnie's personal " 45 snub nose revolver bonn is room offer was found taped to her in a pie that they were ambushed back in 1934. it would take a break it is 4: 42 back in a minute here is a live look outside.this time will give you a view
4:43 am
of that says will give you a live look when we come back more in a minute porifera
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>> and were back at 4: 4444 >> the blue angels are bay area bound. the fleet week celebration officially starts this wednesday october 3rd. the blue and orange stick to the skies the next day thursday october 4th with a plasti practice session another session will be from 3 to 4 in the afternoon. saturday signals the much anticipated weekend actinic titty the parade of shi--kron 4 was
4:46 am
the only station above the lead aircraft carrier last year. >> as you look down uc of the sailors that in the rails. meanwhile the airshow is set a october 6th and sunday october 7th from 1230 to 4:00 p.m. each day the real area acrobatics happened in the blue angel show off their moves. that's from 3 to 4 vote saturday and sunday afternoon also worth noting sunday will feature an america's cup race in san francisco bay from 1: 5022: 30 in the afternoon. kron 4 will be there to cover dog. >> and once again kron 4 will give you the best seat in the house to watch the most exciting of sense of a fleet week its blue angels live sponsored by jeep as part of san francisco's lick
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of festivities. we will be bringing you all the information live saturday. familiar faces will be given the play-by-play. another problem for today >> since we were talking about fleet week i do want to remind everyone that it will be sun sunning but noticeably cooler. it is a clear star to the morning no-fault to contend with around the bay area los '60s out the door in downtown san francisco 67 currently in antioch a perfect piece in oakland and fremont its already high we will see a full day of sunshine all the runs on the screen indicates will see the '80s. by lunchtime we are expecting '90s are ready for the livermore valley parts of
4:48 am
the north bay as well as push the clock into your afternoon highs by ppm of this red release seems to dominate of the screen and we will see 90 degree temperatures. will be the lowest they we have experienced from for quite some time. because of the lack of offshore when something will break any records is still will be a pretty toasty day with 92 degrees for santa clara 96 over los gatos mid-90s for cupertino 92 for palo alto. we're flirting with triple digits for antioch 100 degrees for fairfield 101 over in livermore looks like a danville will be the lowest spot run the bay area climbed to 1 02 degrees 92 for san leandro and the '90s expected in union city. plenty of sunshine and warm conditions low 90s for
4:49 am
novato petaluma 86 downtown san francisco you concede it's hot pretty much everywhere mid '70s expected for ocean beach. if you want really to certainly get to the coasbeach. we will continue hot weather tomorrow after that would turn the corner shave off 10 degrees by wednesday were only talking upper 80s fleer warmest inland areas and we will continue with deckel down as we head into the weekend so more on that in just a bit 5 you wanna show you some of our traffic cameras the only thing we're tracking its overnight construction in the process of rapping out. no slowdown that the bay bridge toll plaza lot of space between cars and traffic is moving smoothly. west and east down 92 in good shape traffic cruising with a drop of 13 minutes
4:50 am
from into in golden gate southdown 101 nothing to contend with as you make your way into san francisco. still seeing green for the 58586 interchange no instance for the nimitz freeway. northbound 101 interstate 280 as live up peninsula no accidents to report top speeds over 50 mi. an hour for the bayshore freeway. as for local transit your good to go with no time delays for a.c. or bored or caltran. >> the oakland a's dominated yesterday's in the final three games sweep of the mariners 5 to 2 was the score. some fans is already purchased the post-season ticket. >> the oakland a's and the seattle mariners were tied
4:51 am
it to at the oakland coliseum and the eighth inning the athletics pulled ahead after a play a after two players hit home runs sunday as the other screen while wearing a's and memorabilia. >> i would love to see days in the playoffs i love to see them when its great, as static! it's endemic to the playoffs zero yet! >> it was sole hot and quiet with a home run was hit we are ready for the rangers. >> the suite was amazing yes i think they can make it to the playoffs is up to them than to have to rely on anyone else they have in their hand they can do it.
4:52 am
>> the last time the a's made it to the playoffs was in 2006 in oakland reggie colmar kron 4 news. >> for the giants beat san diego 7-5. now on to football the oakland raiders were roughed up losing to the denver broncos 37-6 the game was close in the first half. the broncos unpaid many came out the second half but up 27 straight points. the san francisco forty-niners meanwhile shut out the new york jets 34-0 is the final score. the jets were not able to do
4:53 am
anything on either side of the ball all day long. the san francisco 49ers are 3-1 in the season and are still trailing. we will take a break at 4: 53 we will have more of a look outside. not much fog to speak of. q
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4:55 am
>> ann hathaway deter fairytale wedding. >> justin beeper gives new meaning to the san the show must go on the pop star got sick to in the kickoff concert of is believed to a saturday night in arizona. the ashley threw up on stage twice after taking a brief
4:56 am
break be returned to the stage and explained his stance he wasn't feeling well but he continue performing the in the night before we get a picture of himself saying he was resting up for the next show. >> off and hathaway is married the app actress exchanged walls saturday. according to people magazine more than 100 and people. best-attended >> for the sci-fi thriller looper comes in at no. 2 in the box office. topped $21 million at last weekend's number one movie for it to no. 3 with $8 million in ticket sales. >> and other entertainment news it was 30 years ago today that the music
4:57 am
industry changed forever on thet commercial music compact disc was. cd everyone stared 0 lookit that thing! since then hundreds of billions of cds have been sole. for the first album to sell a million copies was 1985 brothers in arms by dire straits and early cd sony player sold for about $780 an early 1982. still ahead on the kron for a morning news the search is on for two men who are still missing this morning after falling off their fishing boat yester day we will have details coming next. thus an early morning car fire will be investigated. it was a
4:58 am
hot weekend as this indian summer really hits once again today temperatures are expected to be in the triple dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding. erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah.
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it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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(male announer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> good morning the top story we were following this morning october 1st new security measures in place at the park side elementary school in san mateo after an attempted to a deduction on campus. >> a suicide attack in afghanistan is morning kills three nato troops. and deadly attacks in a rock. >> a trial for the trial and
5:01 am
woman accused of killing. >> we are seeing temperatures outside the door between two and eight degrees warmer than an hour ago. take a look as some of your bay area hotspots triple digits for danville livermore and fairfield. pleasanton climbing up to 99 degrees. but the store for the rest of the week coming up in just a bit as turnover to traffic. like conditions for east bay freeway no problems in the south bay is a smooth and easy ride along the peninsula this morning and no issues to contend with 4101 southdown. the raf >> thanks allot erica new security measures take effect epoxide elementary school that's a school where there was an attempted of the auction at the campus last week. >> good morning darius several measures are in
5:02 am
place starting today including this one right behind me this is one of to new offenses that were installed after the recent attempted obstruction. the school will be under lock down under during the school hours there's one way to get into the school that's through the office you have to put your name down receive a visitor's badge. anyone with children going to preschool is the same thing one way in in one way out. a 25 your man recently went on to the campus and went into the girl's back from and covered a nine year old girl's mouth and attentive to take her away from the scene the girl was kicking screaming and throwing rocks she made her way back to the campus and told the principal as well as other administrators what happened. police responded it turned out they arrested this man. thisallegedly done the at other schools now he is in jail without bail and he
5:03 am
will be in court tomorrow to enter his plea hearing park site elementary school shoes start in about two hours. >> to see if the parents and kids feel more comfortable and said this morning we will check in with you later thanks will. >> the trial begins today for the woman who was accused of killing bay area nursing student michelle lay. investigators say she blamed the delay for ruining her relationship with her daughter's father both women were interested in the same man. in may of last year her body was found in a rural county dna evidence and a cell phone record points to the killer. >> rescue efforts continue off pigeon point near half moon bay where the coast guard is looking for to fishermen reported to have fallen off their boats. the
5:04 am
coast guard says a large wave about 15 ft. high slammed into the boat uc their helicopters using night-vision technology looking up through the water and along the coast. the boat crashed and washed up on a beach 20 mi. south of half moon bay and the family of one of the missing fishermen has joined the search efforts. >> if we still have hope that he is still a live. we just hope the copcoast guard will consist teen you to search purify to of the four swam to safety because they were wearing life jackets the other two are being searched for this morning all 4 for san francisco. >> a bombing in afghanistan today the country's east has killed three international service members and their translator. also tend
5:05 am
afghans and six civilians told police officers of a regional reaction and the killing of dozens of other afghans the talismanic is claiming responsibility. seven explosions in or near baghdad muslim communities appear to be the main target at least one muslim shrine was struck. authorities say out qaeda members serving death sentences were among those who escaped. thank you mark. onto headlines police are investigating an early morning car fire. rescue cucrews were called to the scene after someone saw the car on fire the fire was put out shortly after police and firefighters arrived. police
5:06 am
are now investigating if it was a case of arson there no interest report. a man and woman were injured in a drive-by shooting that happened late last night it happened around 1140 at the 1000 block in west oakland. a passing vehicle open fire police a bullet hit the woman and grazed the man both were taking to the hospital and reported in stable condition no suspects have been arrested. >> a shooting injured one person and cause a crash on southbound 101. you can see the wreckage of the car of the red dot charger crashed at the holly street exit of brow 330--there is not much information about the suspects or what led to the shooting that preceded the crash. >> we have a car with bullet holes and injured document /+
5:07 am
/occupants. we don't know if the attack was based at the charger. if you saw something the police would like to hear from you all three people who were in that red charger were taking to the hospital to be treated for injuries that they suffered both in the shooting and in the crash. and we will be right back as the kron for morning news continues to lead happy october and look into the fourth quarter with a fourth quarter start out as good as you disgust me.
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>> iraq talking out wildfires that are burning across the country. the fire has injured four firefighters and destroyed a shed and several vehicles the fire was likely started by people in target practice in the area. several arms
5:16 am
northwest to a fire have been threatened and have been evacuated. at this point it is only 20 percent contained. >> the weather is our big story today because it is going to be so hot. it was a scorcher in london. especially yesterday's. we are looking at a warm temperatures again. this was the case a lot of people cooling off app the boris park fun for everyone. >> it's beautiful is 84 degrees and boris park best day of the year. >> days like this are reasons people come to san francisco. it's a gorgeous city on a beautiful day like
5:17 am
this. >> it was gorgeous! but you have to be prepared. i was sweltering in long chains. >> today will be even hotter the rea is serving want to unpack your shorts today a lot of people will be at work so you will have air conditioning. if you have the day off head to the beaches we are expecting sunshine and mid-70s. yesterday was the peak of that heat spell we are experiencing. quick action to climb into the triple digits it will be a toasting 1 and looking beyond tomorrow's it looks like we will cool things down significantly in fact could shave off at least 10 degrees for some of our warmest inland areas and it looks like pretty mild conditions. taking a look at current conditions however low 60s out the door downtown san francisco 59
5:18 am
over concord mid-60s wickiup and antioch and as we take those numbers into the afternoon that he is certainly on because once we see that sunshine temperatures are going to skyrocket. lunchtime the perfect time to be outdoors all the orange on your screen square will see those '80s we do see some areas of red santa rosa snap up the livermore valley places like morgan hill does indicate '90s and will see those nine is way more widespread in to your afternoon highs. so to break down those numbers neighborhood by neighborhood again the hottest day of the week in fact it's been the hottest day for quite some time we have not seen readings like this since mid june. looks like santa clara afternoon high 9293 expected in-dash up for 94 los gatos and 95 for cupertino we are talking triple digits it will be another toasting one for fairfield, livermore, danville. and low 90s will
5:19 am
be the weather story for novato san raphael and petaluma. if you want relief certainly get to the beach ocean beach coming in at 75 degrees. now for those of you heading to the a's game against the rangers played tonight temperatures in the low 80s and kron 47 day around the bay forecast shows pretty warm weather as we head into tomorrow as well we will experience a gradual cool down. by the weekend we're talking low 80s in the low seventies around the bay and low sixties for the coast. over in the traffic center no hot spots whatsoever infected is a pretty quiet ride. the problems as you approach the bay bridge toll plaza. we do not have any issues to talk
5:20 am
about at the toll plaza with no metering lights to deal with. the san mateo bridge ride moving smoothly in both direction westbound 90 to know the lay out what foster city a live look at the golden gate bridge south about bound 101 could conditions out of the north bay. no instances with the nimitz freeway the first signs of slowing coming off a altamonte pass. northbound 101 and interstate 280 as live up the peninsula you will see we are incident free for the bayshore freeway as well as interstate 280. we are still good to go for public transit for bart a.c. or coal train. >> the city's plastic bag ban goes into effect today
5:21 am
at all retail stores so if you do not have your own back stores are going to charge you 105 per bag.over the ban will extend to restaurants as well the businesses get to keep the proceeds. officials are hoping it will help san francisco which a cold of zero waste by 2020. >> as the convention has shut down exception of how which street as well companies are expected to have 50,000 people at the conference it began last night. there were two keynote speakers larry ellison and mark heard. the convention last through thursday. today is the season tent spare of the air day they are asking you if
5:22 am
you can to car pool ride your bike try to conserve use public transit. you may not expected but this late in the season this is the way it goes here in the bay area this month is the remaining smog season to 012.2012. >> now the uss hornet is a museum the u. ss wanted to stop permanently in alameda allowing family friendly fleet week fun if you get a chance go out there and look at that during fleet week. mixed with its future is a list of time should come on board during fleet week in visit our web site at kron 4 .com in speaking of the navy
5:23 am
of course the blue angels will be in town once again we've got the best seat in the house for you if you want saturday october 6th at 3:00 p.m.. are blue angels live sponsored by jeep agin 7 cisco's fleet week. george raft will be there giving us the play-by-play on october 6th at 3:00 p.m. here on kron 4 will take a quick break and be right back.
5:24 am
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5:26 am
>> and were back at 5: 268 report shows the drug and alcohol use by an amtrak employee does on the rise. amtrak employees failed drug test at 51% higher than the real average. the most abused drugs turned out to be marijuana and cocaine. bacon lovers can relax a bit this morning the american farm bureau's federation has dismissed those promise of a
5:27 am
potential bacon shortage. you still may take a hit if you want to buy bacon coming months. as of friday the usda said a pound of sliced bacon will cost an average of $4.50. >> the boy scouts of america plan bringing suspected abusers to the attention of the police the abusers are named in the organization for version file is what they call them. the scouts have until--have said they have records to track pedophiles to keep those offenders out of their organization. arnold's originator is coming clean about his past in his autobiography titled total recall it hits the bookshelves today in a recent interview he admitted to multiple affairs while he
5:28 am
was married to maria shriver. he did not specify how many affairs he had before schreiber filed for divorce in 2011 sorts never says see handled these affairs and other big moments by denying them. >> we will take a quick break still ahead on the kron for morning news alive look from the coast guard station were is still have rescue efforts underway as to fishermen have gone missing they fell from their boat kron 4 jackie sissel will have a live report in about two minutes
5:29 am
5:30 am
welcome back is 5:30 a.m.. it's the mt. tam can it is very clear out their. d c any fog out there?. >> no flog! temperatures on the warm side. those '70s
5:31 am
along the delta. where the temperatures going to go this afternoon?. 99 degrees on tap for pleasanton. hot weather for today as well as tomorrow. full details coming up in just a bit. >> traffic remains pretty light in the bay area. from the toll bridge traffic is light heading into the city. it is a an easy commute across the upper deck. the sluggish by his west on 580. headed towards livermore in mount pleasant. trouble-free in the south bay and looking gun 101 as well as the 280. >> rescue efforts continued this morning after to
5:32 am
fishermen and fall off their boat and have not been seen since. techies this vote is liven west oakland this morning. >> coast guard personnel has searched through the night and they are expected to be back this morning. here is video from what happened yesterday at about 1130 50 mi. south of pigeon point. to man and an 18 ft. boat or fishing off the coast with waves when that was suspected to be 15 ft. that knocked the man into the water. there are two men that are sorry that still remain missing as of yesterday. there is a search plane searching the area as of late last night they have still not find either of the two fishermen. one of the
5:33 am
missing fisherme >> we still have hope that they are alive. we hope that the coast guard will continue to search. >> the missing fishermen this po paying yell slaying and is 46 years old. there is no identification on the second manned as of yet. the coast guard will be back out today. we have not had any updates in the last couple hours if we have any we will pass it on. >> decision 2012 both presidential candidates are gearing up for the big night on wednesday. it will be the
5:34 am
first presidential debate. president obama and it romani are wrapping up some final campaigning and last- minute debate preparations. they will be facing off in timber and their supporters are weighing in on who is best prepared for the debate. >> both are excellent man and you could argue that matt has had a lot more experience obviously. who is moderating? >> newt gingrich himself just the other day said that he is the best debater. >> met ronnie use senator bob portman as his opponent in preparing for the debate. president obama prepared with john kerry. president obama has a four point lead
5:35 am
over romney in the latest poll. it is a dead heat going into this debate. it is going to be fun to watch and you can watch it right here on kron4 and we will have the highlights but we will be showing you the entire debate on march 24th 7 news channel. it is comcast channel 193 as well as digital over the air 4.2. tune in for the big first presidential debate. >> election day is more than a month away but there's still potentially troubling cases of voter registration fraud still in florida right now. there is a third party firm that was hired to hit the streets and register voters. there was a debate as to questionable registration forms. the
5:36 am
supreme court of the united states starts a new term today. there is an explosive docket. there is a range of issues on the docket. voting rights and abortion issues are among those. the last term ended with major cases including the controversial health care overhaul bill. >> a live look from the 405 in los angeles. the railway has reopened after the big roadway project. this is one of the busiest freeways in the united states and it
5:37 am
opened at midnight one hour ahead of schedule. there were concerns about a traffic nightmare as they are widening before 05, putting in a car pool lanes. a $1.4 billion four year project. seven people were arrested for trespassing on the closed freeway. some were rollerblading, they just could not resist the temptation of the open freeway. >> and accident in southern california water parks is a teacher to the hospital. the weather is a big story and we'll show you all of our live cameras and exactly how high it's going to be. it will reach triple digits and beyond in some spots we will
5:38 am
talk about that when we return good morning! wow.
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and rebecca is 5:40 a.m.. a teenager has been hospitalized after an accident at six flags in valencia. the teenager apparently cut in line and then dove headfirst down the slide, halfway down the team fell off. he is conscious and breathing on his own after hospital. >> the blue angels are coming up this weekend it seems like we've been waiting and waiting and now this weekend he will be able to see them here saturday october 6th at 3:00 p.m.. >> coming up baseball, football, and golf of my eye! the very important final segame of the season.
5:42 am
we will be right back
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>> top stories that we're following security measures set to go into effect today at park site elementary school. the school had an attempted abduction of that a student from the school last week. they're making changes to ensure student safety after a man grope the girl in the restroom and tried to drag her off of campus. the trial of nursing student begins today. she disappeared from hayward and may of 2011 and her body was found in four months later. the weather is warming up today. you could see how clear it is this morning. >> that is right we don't
5:46 am
have any fog to speak of their clear conditions bay area wide. today is going to be the peak of the heat spell that we have been talking about. there will be mid-70s along the coast line. triple digits for places like antioch and danville. as we head into tomorrow it will be another hot one around the bay area. we will shave off a couple of degrees and looking ahead we really turn a corner on wednesday. gradual cooling and we will lose as much as 10 degrees from the forecast. and current conditions we're seeing a wide range of numbers out the door 57 and richmond. los '60s for downtown san francisco and los 64 antioch. there's a perfect time the outdoors at around lunch time. there's a lot of orange indicating
5:47 am
widespread eighties around the bay area. this does indicate the '90s. the red really starts to dominate the screen indicating where we will see again '90s and the forecast. very warm conditions. 90 degrees on tap for mountain via 89 in sunnyvale. 96 degrees from moscow's and cupertino. triple digits out in fairfield and livermore and. 90 degrees on tap for pleasanton. we will see sunshine at early and the heat is really going to start into the morning hours even. berkeley and oakland and santa fell 92. san francisco is also above the average coming in at 86 degrees. if you want relief
5:48 am
you'll probably have to the coast line low eighties for santa cruz mid-70s for monterey. mid-60's for bodega bay, pacifica is coming in at 60 degrees. we will see plenty of sunshine and warm conditions along the coast. we have excessive heat on tap and with that we do have poor air quality and land. fire dangers are certainly heightened but the good nose is we will see a gradual cooling later this week. transitioning into the rest of the workweek by saturday and sunday significantly cooler with low 80s and the warmest in the area for. the '60s for the coast and '70s for the day. here is rotten. >> no trouble spot so far
5:49 am
but we are starting to see traffic into san francisco. you can see the cash lanes ari backing up towards the middle of the parking lot. if you have fasttrack those lanes are trouble-free and will city sometime this morning. look at 92 years you're right across the san mateo bridge is doing just fine this morning. there are no problems to train hayward and the foster city side of the bridge. the golden gate bridge looks to be fought free with an easy commute for you there. the trip will take about 22 minutes ourself from 37 getting into downtown san francisco. we're picking up a little bit of slow traffic here on the westbound for. there are no problems along that stretch and that is normal for this time of mourning. but you are writing of the breaks around the antioch area. it will loosen up for
5:50 am
you when she did towards the concord's side. we're also picking up some slow traffic on the 205. heading towards the west onto 80 headed towards all somewhat make sure you give yourself some extra time this morning. the connection between the 680 employees in san remains trouble-free on the 1 01. 87 is at the limits of heading to the airport. >> if you're worried about your morning commute take a look at what they're dealing with in china. this is video out of shanghai this is the first of china's eight holidays that are coming out. this kicked off yesterday and they'd seen traffic jams like they have not seen in a long time. everyone is trying to make way out of town to make room for everyone coming into
5:51 am
town to celebrate. >> the athletics dominating guest today in their final three game sweep over the seattle mariners. the a's in seattle tied for most of the game yesterday at the coliseum. the eighth inning the athletics are pulling ahead with two more runs in the eighth. here is a slam by cestus. also a home run with fans going crazy in the stadium. there are three games left in the season and they're all against the first-place texas rangers. if they could sweep the rangers they will actually beat the rangers in the american league west. the hope here is for a wild card. the san francisco giants are coming back after being down one inning. they want of coming back in beating san diego. los angeles face the dodgers at
5:52 am
the end of the air but it does not matter that the doctors are ready cleanse the west title and are ready to start the playoffs on october 6th. the oakland raiders lost to be timber broncos yesterday. the raiders were down 6 to 10 but got blown out by the broncos by the second half. they're tied for last place in the division. the 49 there's the meadowlands taking on the new york jets that shot down 49 to 0. they jump ahead early and save up for the rest of the game. the jets really weren't able to get anything going. they're still trailing the undefeated con cardinals. year of coming back from a four and a half point to stun the u.s. team at the ryder cup yesterday. they
5:53 am
arrived just 10 minutes to 40 time, apparently the near disaster was caused by confusion over time zones. the u.s. of said yesterday they blow the lead on sunday. >> still ipad, lindsay law him back in the spotlight this morning. she had a run at a new york hotel. the approach to the bay bridge is clear, traffic is not dead yet and the big story is the heat. that will reach triple digits and above in several spots, we will be right back.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
making headlines again, this time she was involved in a scuffle at with a man and in new york hotel yesterday. apparently she and some friends met this guy at a nightclub, she asked him back to her room and found out she was secretly
5:57 am
recording her. she said taking pictures of yourself all they got into a scuffle. she said the man tried to choke her and threw her on the ground. the police said there is not enough evidence to support her claims. >> walnut creek camera shows 680 in the background and you can see the temperature for livermore the temperature now for new and and for later on this afternoon. triple digits 101 will be a highlivermore. we wile latest, are a big story today is the hot hot temperatures. we'll be back in just a minute. new security measures in place at the elementary school. the murder trial begins today we will have full
5:58 am
details in a moment. will have a full check of the forecast coming up in a minute.
5:59 am

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